Aloha! Welcome to Kona Beach Villa

Beach Villas at Kahaluu
78-6721 Alii Drive.
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
directions from KOA airport

Our unit is ~25-minutes away from Kona International Airport (KOA) in the beautiful Keauhou resort area. Keahou is only a 10-minute drive away from central Kona town, but far enough away from it's hustle and bustle. Many celebrities make their homes in the hills above our condo development, and our location is centrally located to most major tourist attractions in/about Kailua-Kona.

Keauhou Shopping Center is very conveniently located only ~0.6 miles away. There you'll find an some great dining options including Royal Thai Cafe, L&L, Bianelli's (pizza/pasta), Kenichi Pacific (sushi), Sam Choy's (Asian/American fusion), and Los Habaneros (Mexican). You'll also find a full service supermarket (KTA) and & Long's Drugs there. The shopping center hosts a Farmer's Market on Saturdays, as well as cultural performances ever so often for guests. Check the shopping center's upcoming events to keep up-to-date on the happenings here. We also provide a separate list of dining options around Kona town for all our guests who end up booking with us.

Our development (Beach Villas at Kahaluu) was built in 2 stages. The first building (Stage I) was built in 2005 and runs along Alii Dr., the main thoroughfare back to central Kona town. Units in Stage I offer direct views of the pool/jacuzzi and Kahaluu Beach. The second building (Stage II) was built in 2007 and offers equally stunning ocean/sunset views looking northwest along the scenic Kona coastline. Take a look at at the map here:

Our penthouse 2-bed unit is located ~150 feet from Kahaluu Beach, along a small side street (Makolea St) that offers a little more tranquility. We'd recommend the penthouse unit if you prefer an elevated scenic view, or if you're very sensitive about any kind of noise (the complex is overall very quiet).

Our ground floor 3-bed unit is only ~100 feet away from Kahaluu Beach Park and sits directly in front of the infinity pool. We'd recommend the 3-bed unit if you need a third formal bedroom, or have young children that like to run and jump around.

Both units are great. Choose a unit that is better suited to your particular needs.

Yes! The development has plenty of free parking (21 unassigned spots for 21 units) on premise. In the unlikely event the lot fills up, there is plenty of convenient street parking along the small side street (Makolea St.).

Both our units are indeed wheelchair accessible (not to be mistaken as ADA compliant). There are no stairs required to get around the condo facilities. Our penthouse unit is conveniently located next to the elevator, so you need not worry about any stairs. Access to the pool/BBQ area requires going through a locked gate. There is a slight downhill grade going down to Kahaluu Beach, but prior handicapped guests have not had any problems coming back up from the beach.

Inside the condos, all our master bathroom vanities have been upgraded to install recessed sinks and are readily accessible while seated in a wheelchair. The narrowest doors lead into the bathrooms and measure 28-3/4" wide. These bathroom doors are the sliding type that hide away from the frame so the 28-3/4" is not eaten up by a door hinge in any way. Our bed heights allow for easy transfer from a wheelchair to the beds. We can also provide a shower bench to make showering easier.

We've had several prior handicapped guests stay at our units and all have good experiences with their stay. We'd be happy to get you in touch with these guests upon request.

Here are a few tips before you leave:

  1. Don't forget anything of yours behind!
  2. Make sure to leave the pool/gate key behind on the hook. You may leave the AC key in the AC lock (if you opted for AC). Our cleaning staff can more easily note you've returned all keys this way.
  3. Please wash all your dishes & empty the garbage disposal.
  4. Please take out the trash before you leave.
  5. You may leave food in fridge behind as long as the portions are unopened. Any partially used items should be discarded and or recycled.
  6. Place all soiled sheets in one area on the ground. If you would like, you may start a load of these soiled sheets before you leave but it is not necessary.
  7. Place all amenities (diving gear, beach gear, etc) back where you found them. Please rinse the sand off any gear using the outside faucet located right below the parking lot (next to stairwell).

That's about it. If you will be leaving before 11am, please let us know as often times our housecleaning staff has multiple cleanings and this info helps our staff best plan their day. Thanks so much for staying with us and please have a safe trip back home!

We try to be very upfront about the A/C so that there are no surprises. Hawaii electricity rates are ~4x mainland rates and our electric bills can top $600/mo, with the A/C being by far the primary driver. For this reason, the A/C in our units is tied to a 4-hour timer which requires a key to operate and the thermostat is fixed at 73°F and is not user adjustable. Take a look at the graph below which shows average temperatures year-round in Kona.

Depending on the time of the year, A/C isn't always required and many of our guests are comfortable using just the ceiling fans which are installed in all our rooms (including the lanai). In order to open up our units to as many potential guests as possible and keep prices lower, we baseline our rates without A/C and bill separately for our guests that need it. You don't have to prepay for A/C and can wait until you get to Kona to let us know if you'll need it. In most cases, we can take any A/C usage out of the security deposit for our guests' convenience. For our TripAdvisor/FlipKey guests (where we are not allowed to take AC usage out of the deposit), you can either pay the manager for any usage or we can take care of payment after your stay.

Most condo developments in Kona don't actually even have A/C, which can make it extremely tough in the summer months even if you're right on the ocean. Central A/C is definitely a nice luxury to have, but it comes with a cost that we unfortunately must pass onto our guests. We hope you understand why the A/C is setup this way. Mahalo.

To make the most of your stay, and to explore all that Kona & Big Island have to offer (there's more to Kona than just snorkeling at Kahaluu Beach!), we highly recommend securing a rental car for your stay here.

Our local manager's husband operates a car rental business starting at $25-30/day (depending on type of car). If your stay will be one week or longer, you may text (573-216-1739) or e-mail ( Matt directly for more info.

Otherwise, we've generally found the two next best deals for car rentals come from:

It depends. The vast majority of flights departing Kona back to the mainland leave KOA at night. While we would love to accommodate all of our guests' requests, whether or not we can honor an early check-in or late checkout depends on when adjoining guests arrive/depart.

On turnaround days where we have guests checking out and checking in on the same day, we generally won't be able to honor late checkouts or early check-ins because these turnarounds only leave our cleaning crew 4-hours to clean up and prep the unit for the next arriving guests. Our staff does a very thorough cleaning job which requires the full 4-hours so late checkouts and/or early check-ins aren't feasible on these dates.

The best thing to do if you're uncertain is to just ask!

The only public transportation in Kona is the Kona Trolley, which comes around every ~2 hours. The trolley has a bus stop directly in front of our complex. Here's a schedule as of January 2017.